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Mike and Victoria met 20 years ago while living it up on the dance floor. At least, that’s how they choose to remember it…. In truth, he was more of a wall flower, while she was the outgoing break dancer! It wasn’t long before these two found common ground, including their love of photography. Mike, an Erwin native who spent part of his childhood in California, first discovered his interest in the craft when he bought his first drone. Victoria, a Virginia native who spent most of her childhood in Abingdon, has been a picture fiend since middle school; she documented every year of grade school with a scrapbook album and then continued on to study photography in college.

Victoria is a people-loving perfectionist, who finds joy in connecting with clients and showing their unique personalities through her candid and free photography style. She specializes in portraits, studio, and experiences. She is not a “pose and shoot” photographer, but instead loves to prompt people to show their natural self. 

Mike is a technical and detailed photographer, and specializes in aerial, real estate, landscape, and event photography. His passion is in the details; he loves paying attention to angles, highlighting the unique beauty and architecture of buildings, and pulling out the details.  Mike eats, breathes, and sleeps photography!

Their sense of humor and quick reactions to candid moments have made them the go-to photographer for local events, a recognition which they do not take lightly.

The passion and love of this dynamic couple show in every aspect of their business. Whether you are looking for an attentive photographer for your wedding, professional coverage of your event, or the perfect angle for your real estate photos, look no further than Johnson City Aerial Photography!



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